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The purple turtles

This band was founded in 2004 in Montpellier. We made several demos but also in 2005 we recorded an album named One Eyed Bunnies. We did a lot of concerts in and around Montpellier. Today we have already our tenth drummer Benoit Calvo, but the founder of the group, singer and guitarist boudji(Boudewijn Smit) and the bassplayer Guillame Bouguet are still playing, and hanging out in this funky pop rock formation. Yes, i think that working as a trio gives our own sound and liberty to expres fully every instrument. In 2019 we'll record an album for our second album "whispering what's worth" for the moment you can listen to the latest demo we recorded live in our rehearsal studio. Would love to hear your reactions about it, thanks!

The turtles.