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I am 40 now and i'm living and working near Montpellier, France, since 2003. I did Art school in Lorient, France, for 3 years and obtained the National diplome of fine Arts.I'm working at the moment at painted and drawn portraits. On Art-Scool I was primarily creating sculptures with a variety of materials like metals and wood to conceive useless and fragile machines with always an eye-wink towards music. The objects made or suggested noises, all set in movement by wind, water or other natural energy sources. And since summer 2006 I decided to really paint a lot more than I used to do. I'm painting any kind of pictures and images, especially landscapes and cityscapes. Everything can be beautiful if you watch it in a certain way. I have always been inspired by impressionist and realistic styles. I like to dream with eyes open and with both feet on the ground, don't want to be tied to one kind of painting or expression. At the moment I grow in a rather classical way; we'll see where I'm heading this year.

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Boudewijn Smit